1- Perdersi nel centro storico di Cortona

1. Get lost in the historic centre of Cortona

Fall in love with Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Signorelli, Piazza Garibaldi, lose yourself among churches, historic buildings and breathtaking views.

2- Visitare il Museo della Civiltà Etrusca

2. Visit the Museum of Etruscan Civilization

Located in Piazza Signorelli, Cortona civic museum offers a fascinating and eclectic collection where you will appreciate the greatness and innovation of Etruscan Civilization.

3- Scoprire il Museo Diocesano

3. Discover the Diocesan Museum

The museum is a quite gloomy former church whose interior is enlightened by a small but prestigious collection of Renaissance paintings. The art collection was first realized in 1945 and contains important works by Pietro Lorenzetti, Beato Angelico, Bartolomeo della Gatta, Sassetta and Luca Signorelli.

4- Raggiungere le Celle di San Francesco

4. Reach “Le Celle di San Francesco”

The convent Le Celle is the first monastery built by San Francesco d’Assisi around 1211 and he lived there even after receiving the stigmata.

5- Ammirare la Fortezza del Girifalco

5. Admire the Girifalco Fortress

The fortress probably has Etruscan origins, after that period it was used first by the Goths and later at the time of Barbarian invasions by the Lombards. It is surrounded by an outstanding panoramic view.

6- Esplorare il Parco Archeologico del Sodo

6. Explore the Archaeological Park of Sodo

The Archaeological park of Sodo is 4 kilometres away from Cortona and it is located at the feet of the town on the right bank of the Loreto River. The Melone tumulus consists in an artificial mound and it is an example of Etruscan funerary architecture.

7- Conoscere la storia della chiesa di S. Maria delle Grazie del Calcinaio

7. Learn the history of S. Maria delle Grazie del Calcinaio church

This outstanding 15th-century Renaissance church is located along the winding road leading to Cortona (2 miles away from Porta Sant’Agostino). It was built over a former tannery (known after the lime used in the tanning process as calcinaio) to host an image of the Virgin that had miraculously appeared on the tannery walls.

8- Stare “Sotto il Sole della Toscana” a Villa Bramasole

8. Stay “Under the Tuscan Sun” at Villa Bramasole

An American writer (Frances Mayes) bought and renewed a villa in Cortona where she began to spend all of  her summers. Here you will find enchanting views , mild climate and delicious food .The memoir that has thrilled America was born out of the beauty of an ideal life characterized by the rituals of the countryside. Today the villa is a destination for thousands of tourists coming from all over the world and willing to visit and sense the atmosphere of the  bestselling book “Under the Tuscan Sun”. One can reach the villa on a nice 30 minutes walk of about 4 Km starting from the public gardens in Cortona “Parterre gardens”.

9- Degustare un calice di Cortona DOC

9. Taste a glass of Cortona DOC

Thanks to its mild climate that favours grapes cultivation, Cortona is the perfect location to produce excellent red, white and sweet wines. Taste them in one of the wineries located in the countryside.

10- Fare compere al mercato dell’antiquariato

10. Shopping at the Antique Market

Each fourth Sunday of the month,  from 9 am to 8 pm the antique market of Cortona takes place in Piazza Signorelli, inside the city walls. In the various stalls you will find used items, collectibles and 20th century products and objets d’art. The market hosts about 50 exhibitors.